The Prizery

The Prizery

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Arts Center Foundation, also known as The Prizery, is to enrich lives through the arts. We believe that arts and cultural experiences should be available to everyone, wherever they live and whoever they are.

Name of Public Space

Constitution Square

City, State

South Boston, VA




Town of South Boston, Big Fade Entertainment

Organization Overview

The Community Arts Center Foundation, also known as, The Prizery, was established in 1998 in South Boston, VA. The mission of The Prizery is to enrich lives through the arts. The Prizery believes that arts and cultural experiences should be available to everyone, wherever they live and whomever they are. The goals of this organization are to
• Educate
• Inspire and engage people through the arts and culture
• Provide quality programs
• Recognize and celebrate our diverse community and achieve sustainable support for the arts and cultural experiences

The Prizery produces and promotes work that pushes the boundaries of theatrical, musical, dramatic, creative, and participatory practices and embraces existing forms in an exciting new way from a diverse community of artists, young people, and cultures.

There is a wide range of programs at The Prizery, such as art gallery showings, art workshops, concerts and presentations, youth theatre camps, and holiday-specific events.

Proposal Details

How will your town or city benefit from a Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series and how will the series reflect the three main goals of Levitt AMP: 1) Amplify community pride and the city’s unique character; 2) enrich lives through the power of free, live Music; 3) illustrate the importance of vibrant public Places?

The Town of South Boston and Halifax County would greatly benefit from having a Levitt AMP music series. There aren’t many consistent free events for our community members of all ages to enjoy and experience.

Music series and events are essential in destination development, community engagement, and community spirit. They provide opportunities for all community members, regardless of age, gender, race, or socio-economic status, to receive the same positive experience.

Hosting the Levitt AMP music series would promote participation and unique social and cultural experiences and increase attractiveness for our community. We would also be building awareness of different music genres that some people may not have had the opportunity ever to hear especially played live. We would also be promoting the use of public spaces for events by having the series at Constitution Square in the heart of Downtown South Boston.

Explain how the Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series will play a role in enlivening the selected public space and surrounding areas.

Constitution Square in Downtown South Boston is a public space that is currently underused. The Town of South Boston sees the potential in this space and has been trying to promote rentals. The objectives for community events at Constitution Square are to create a more livable and healthy community, encourage people to use parks and public open spaces more, instill and encourage community spirit, pride, and self-help and benefit the community economically.

Constitution Square is perfectly located in the heart of Downtown South Boston. It is easily accessible to those who live within walking or biking distance and is also not far from major streets, intersections, and highways for people who need to travel to get there. Hosting the Levitt AMP concert series at Constitution Square fits into each of the objectives for this space and will help activate and bring life back to Downtown South Boston.

In 2020, improvements were made to Constitution Square to make it more accessible and appealing for locals to use. New sidewalks were placed around the site, as well as fresh maple trees to provide additional shade on sunny days.

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